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Knowledge Cities World Summit 2021 - KCWS
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Knowledge Cities World Summit 2021 - KCWS

16 nov - 2021 • 16:30 > 19 nov - 2021 • 19:00

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Knowledge Cities for the Anthropocene

This year’s theme combines the traditional WCI topics of Knowledge-Based Development and Knowledge Cities with two new topics, Knowledge for the Anthropocene and City Preparedness for the Climate Crisis. The WCI books that will be published by the time of the conference (one on each of the later two topics) set the scene for this year’s sessions. Also, both books will be presented on the last day.

Knowledge for the Anthropocene (K4A)

Human-induced environmental impacts are bound to disrupt our way of life in deeper ways and at a wider scale than anything previously experienced by humankind. Global existential risks challenge the conditions of the Biosphere that prevailed through the Holocene, the geological epoch that saw human civilizations flourish. However, the current knowledge base seems inadequate to help us cope with such realities. What relevant knowledge will become critical to deal with deteriorating environmental conditions? How can science, technology, innovation, and education be radically transformed for adequately responding? How can societies and governments continue to function? How need our mind-frames evolve? In K4A, these and other related questions are addressed. The common purpose is to provide a general perspective on the role that knowledge –the most important leverage to human action, may need to play in the unfolding circumstances of the Anthropocene.

City Preparedness for the Climate Crisis (CPCC)

Contemporary urban life is the epitome of modernization, a paradigm of progress that takes the Holocene climate for granted. Moreover, it takes for granted the Biosphere conditions that have allowed human civilizations to flourish. Global existential risks challenge the viability of the Biosphere for most big species. Despite increasing warnings, most cities seem to deny the impending catastrophes and remain ill-prepared to cope with major disruptions. The 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic has dramatically exhibited limited world governance, global alert systems, response capacity, and effort coordination to deal with planetary and local emergencies. CPCC addresses the warnings, inventory of capacities and competencies, lessons learned, and value practices in creating conscience and preparing for urban anthropogenic risks.



The KCWS 2021 invites you to register to our Summit and contribute to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), choosing any of the following values (fees not included). The KCWS will donate the total value of your contribution. 

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international medical humanitarian organization whose mission is to save lives by providing lifesaving medical care where it has needed most.

*If you are a panel speaker or paper presenter you have the option to register for free. However, if you want to contribute to Doctors Without Borders, you can choose one of the values to register.

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