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The Challenges of Technology and Economic Catching-Up in Emerging Economies

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The Challenges of Technology and Economic Catching-Up in Emerging Economies

Praça das Bandeiras / Auditório DGA/GGBS - Campinas, SP
03 de julho de 2019, 08h30 - 04 de julho de 2019, 18h


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Descrição do evento

The two-day conference will be based on the volume edited by professors Jeong-Dong Lee, Keun Lee, Dirk Meissner, Slavo Radosevic and Nicholas S. Vonortas for Oxford University Press. The lead authors will present final drafts of their respective chapters. An external expert discussant will offer comments on each presentation. 


Day 1 - Macro Perspectives

8:00 Registration

8:30 Welcome


9:00 Keynote I

Ron Boschma

10:00 Coffee break


10:30 Session I - New Approaches

Moderator: Sergio Salles

  • Economics of Technological Catch-Up and Leapfrogging    
    • Author: Keun Lee | Comments: Slavo Radosevic 
  • Technology Upgrading in Emerging Economies: Models and Paths
    • Authors: Randolph Bruno, Kirill Ossaulenko and Slavo Radosevic | Comments: Vitaliy Roud 
  • Technology Capability Upgrade and Middle Innovation Trap
    • Authors: Jeong-Dong LeeChulwoo Baek and Jung-In Yeon | Comments: Yevgeny Kuznetsov

12:00 Session II - Socio-Economic Environment

Moderator: André Furtado

  • Evolutionary Spheres Conditioning the Technological Capabilities Accumulation in Latin America
    • Authors: Gabriela Dutrénit, José Miguel Natera, Martín Puchet and Alexandre O. Vera-Cruz | Comments: Yannis Caloghirou
  • Transitions with Non-Technical Capabilities in Korea
    • Authors: Jae-Yong Choung and Hye-Ran Hwang | Comments: Eduardo Albuquerque

13:00 Lunch


14:30 Session III - Sustainable Development

Moderator: tba

  •  Catching-up or Developing Differently? Techno-institutional Learning with a Sustainable Planet in Mind
    • Author: Tilman Altenburg | Comments: Keun Lee
  • Innovation for Inclusive Structural Change
    • Authors: Tommaso Carli, Maria Savona and Jodie Thorpe | Comments: Otaviano Canuto

15:30 Coffee break


16:00 - 17:00 Closing Panel - Macro-level Perspectives

Keun Lee, Slavo Radosevic, Gabriela Dutrénit, Eduardo Albuquerque and Tilman Altenburg



Day 2 - Meso/Micro Perspectives


08:30 Introduction to Day 2 – Objectives for the book


09:00 Keynote 2

Robbert Tijssen


10:00 Session IV - Sectors

Moderator: Nicholas Vonortas

  • Firm-Level Paths of Technological Upgrading, Windows of Opportunity, and Learning Linkages: Evidence from Natural Resource-Intensive Industries in Brazil 
    • Author: Paulo FigueiredoComments: Janaína Ruffoni
  • Experimentalist Governance for Technology Upgrading: New Industrial Policy Process
    • Author: Yevgeny Kuznetsov | Comments: Paulo Zawislak

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Session IV - Sectors (continuation)

Moderator: Dirk Meissner

  •  Technological Upgrading of Sectors through the Prism of Shifting Firm-Level Innovation Strategies
    • Author: Vitaliy Roud | Comments: Paulo Figueiredo
  •  Macro and Micro Foundations for Technology Upgrading and Innovation: The Case of Shipbuilding and Offshore Industry in Brazil
    • Authors: André Cherubini Alves, Nicholas Vonortas and Paulo Zawislak | Comments: Gabriela Dutrénit

12:30 Lunch


14:00 Session V - Microfoundations

Moderator: Sérgio Queiroz

  •  Global Value Chains, Innovation Systems and Firm-Level Technological Efforts for Technology Upgrading and Catching-Up
    • Author: Carlo Pietrobelli | Comments: Nicholas Vonortas
  • Using Large-Scale Programs to Help Develop Technological Capabilities: Cases in China
    • Author: Gao Xudong | Comments: Márcia Rapini
  •  From Imitation to Innovation: Challenges of Organizational Change in Brazilian Firms
    • Author: Ruy Quadros | Comments: Bruno Fischer

15:30 – 16:30 Closing Panel – Meso/Micro-level Perspectives

Jeong-Dong Lee, Gao Xudong, Carlo Pietrobelli, Paulo Zawislak and Nicholas Vonortas


Praça das Bandeiras / Auditório DGA/GGBS
Rua da Reitoria, Auditório DGA/GGBS, Cidade Universitária
Campinas, SP

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