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Team dynamics for leaders and managers

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Team dynamics for leaders and managers

Instituto Amani - São Paulo, SP
29 de setembro de 2018, 09h-18h


R$ 755,00
Pague em até 12x
Vendas até 29/09/2018
Workshop (Amani Fellow + Convidado) 
R$ 905,00
Pague em até 12x
Vendas até 29/09/2018
Workshop + Case Study 
R$ 1.077,00
Pague em até 12x
Vendas até 29/09/2018

Descrição do evento

Calling all leaders and aspiring changemakers!

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur who wishes to make positive change in the world or an established leader already working within a team environment, this workshop will provide a powerful next step forward for you.

To be truly successful with your ventures in life, it’s essential as a leader to understand the foundational dynamics that are creating health and well-being for you, your project and your team and what is creating dysfunction, confusion or inaction.

Constellation work provides a valuable tool to explore how your projects can thrive, so they best benefit you, your team, the audience you serve, and the larger community.

In this transformational workshop you will:
- Uncover the deeper issues that are at the root of success for you, your project and your team.
- Fine tune the focus and direction of your enterprise so that it is in alignment with your own life purpose, and also deeply supports the well-being of those you serve and the broader community.
- Learn powerful tools and resources that can support you in becoming the best leader possible in your personal and professional lives.

The special introductory cost for the workshop is R$700. In the workshop, there will also be 2 opportunities to have a personalized Case Study constellation conducted on your personal project and/or team to provide you with valuable insight on what can make your efforts more successful. Case Study participants can attend for R$1,000.

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Sobre o produtor


Instituto Amani
Rua dos Ingleses, 182, Bela Vista
São Paulo, SP

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