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SQL Server hates you(?) – what the DBAs never told the developers

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SQL Server hates you(?) – what the DBAs never told the developers

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18 de junho de 2018, 17h-18h


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SQL Server hates you(?) – what the DBAs never told the developers


Have you had performance tank despite the code working fine in another environment? Maybe heard that some SQL is bad but not why? If so, this is the session for you!

This session will start with a walkthrough of some of the basic settings in SQL Server and how they affect you as a developer. It follows with key tips on what settings to change, why some code will wreak havoc on your performance and how isolation levels matter (and why NOLOCK can be an exceptionally bad idea!) The session is led by a 20-year DBA veteran who decided to try to help developers understand performance issues by seeing things from his perspective.

If you want to explore how default settings kill your performance, investigate why harmless SQL might not be quite so harmless and gain insight into how isolation levels affect function and performance, then this session will provide you with the tools to think outside the box and incorporate database engine knowledge into your developer prowess!

Alexander Arvidsson

Star Wars fan extraordinaire

Alexander is a senior consultant at Atea in Linköping, Sweden. Nobody really knows what it means to be a senior consultant, but he spends his days teaching courses or helping clients of all shapes and sizes to take better care of their data. 
He has spent the last 20 years toying with data, databases and related infrastructure services such as storage, networking, and virtualization, occasionally emerging from the technical darkness to attend a Star Wars convention somewhere in the world. 
He is a frequent international speaker, podcaster, blogger and a Microsoft Certified Trainer, focusing on SQL Server, Azure and Power BI.

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