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St. Paul's School Play

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St. Paul's School presents their Senior School Play: The Domino Effect.

In a protest against the world, fifteen year old Amina Rahman never speaks. She believes that bad things always happen to good people, and so she retreats into the fantasy land of her own imagination. But, when her mother walks out on the family, Amina is forced out into the world. It takes an encounter with a mysterious East London antiques dealer (and the discovery of an ancient box of dominoes) for Amina to discover the power of the law of unintended consequences. Only then can she find her voice, and her mother.

This year's play will be happening in a thrust stage so when buying your tickets, choose between the four sections: right, left, center-front (rows A to D) and center-back (rows E-H) of the stage. 

Esse ano, a peça acontecerá em formato semiarena, assim, ao comprar os ingressos, escolha um dos quatro setores: à direita do palco, à esquerda do palco, à frente do palco (fileiras A-D) ou à frente do palco (fileiras E-H).

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