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[Jeff Cabili] “The History of Innovation in Silicon Valley”

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[Jeff Cabili] “The History of Innovation in Silicon Valley”

Cubo Network - São Paulo, SP
05 de dezembro de 2017, 18h30-20h30


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Vendas até 05/12/2017

Descrição do evento

Today Silicon Valley offers unparalleled access to high-quality engineers, a risk-taking culture, venture capitalists, incubators, innovative startups and superb universities. But the reason this particular spot ended up at the heart of the technology industry dates back to the sixties. The unique combination of all those ingredients and the key roles a handful of people played in the last 50-60 years contributed to making out of the Bay area one of the most dynamic and productive think tanks in the world. It has also become one of the main investments hotbeds.

Innovation has fueled the creation of high tech companies and the development of cutting-edge technologies which will definitely craft new paths for our future.

Presentation in English with ppt slides in English

About the speaker:

Jeff Cabili worked at the Stanford Graduate School of Business for ten years. Before that, he spent more than twenty-five years in senior management positions for global companies. As a total quality management (TQM) consultant, he has conducted seminars and workshops for more than 5,100 senior executives. 

He has been teaching effective nonverbal skills at Stanford Continuing Studies (since 2006) and at the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes (since 2015). He is also a mentor at several incubators such as Plug and Play, Draper, StartX and Cubo (Brazil). He delivers his lectures and workshops in five languages and frequently uses his formal training in professional acting (Mime).

Thanks to his management experience and to his extensive knowledge of the ecosystems of Silicon Valley he is now a keynote speaker on the following topics: “The History of Innovation in Silicon Valley”, “Leadership and Disruptive Technologies” and “Managing Across Cultures”.
He received an MBA from the Wharton Graduate School (University of Pennsylvania) and an MS in Chemical Engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, France.

Sobre o produtor

Cubo Network

Inspirar, conectar e transformar

Um ambiente inspirador, para conectar ideias e pessoas brilhantes
com vontade de transformar negócios, tecnologia
e a vida das pessoas para melhor.


Cubo Network
Rua Casa do Ator , 919, Auditório, Vila Olímpia
São Paulo, SP

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