2nd French-Brazilian School on Big Data and Smart Cities

Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Norte - Natal, RN
08 de novembro de 2017, 08h - 10 de novembro de 2017, 17h30



R$ 300,00
Inscrições até 08/11/2017
Professional (IFRN)
R$ 250,00
Inscrições até 09/11/2017
Graduate Student
R$ 200,00
Inscrições até 08/11/2017
Undergraduate Student
R$ 150,00
Inscrições até 08/11/2017
Undergraduate Student (IFRN)
R$ 100,00
Inscrições até 08/11/2017
Professional IFRN - Without kit
R$ 125,00
Inscrições até 10/11/2017
Graduate Student - Without kit
R$ 100,00
Inscrições até 09/11/2017

Descrição do evento

The School of Big Data and Smart Cities 2017 organizing committee invites you to participate in the 2nd French-Brazilian edition of Big Data and Smart Cities School, to be held on November 8 – 10, 2017, Natal-RN, Brazil.

The development of digital technologies in the different disciplines, in which cities operate, either directly or indirectly, is going to alter expectations among those in charge of the local administration. Every city is a complex ecosystem with a lot of subsystems to make it work such as work, food, clothes, residence, offices, entertainment, transport, water, energy etc. With the growth there is more chaos and most decisions are politicised, there are no common standards and data is overwhelming. The intelligence is sometimes digital, often analogue, and almost inevitably human. 

Smart Cities is a world initiative leading to better exploit on of the resources in a city in order to offer higher level services to people. Smart cities are related to sensing the city’s status and acting in new intelligent ways at different levels: people, government, cars, transport, communications, energy, buildings, neighborhoods, resource storage, etc. 

A vision of the city of the “future”, or even the city of the present, rests on the integration of science and technology through information systems. A future that will require a re-thinking of the relationships between technology, government, city managers, business, academia and the research community. 

The objective of the school is to put together specialists working on smart cities and related topics like internet of things, big data and cloud computing that enable the construction of infrastructures necessary to bring intelligence into such ecosystems. In particular the school wishes to organize a get together of problems, challenges and scientists coming from France and Brazil. Both countries recognize smart cities as a priority topic in their national applied research programs and they can find a productive arena to collaborate to address challenges they share.

Topics of interest 

Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to: 

  • Availability, Reliability, and Scalability of Smart City Applications
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Home and Community
  • E-health Systems
  • Complex Event Processing and Data Streams
  • Environment and Urban Monitoring
  • Green Network and Energy Efficiency
  • Smart Electronic Systems for Security
  • Big Data for Urban Informatics
  • Smart City Systems, Applications and Services
  • Smart Sensor Technology and Measurement Systems
  • Smart University and Smart Education
  • Privacy, Trust and Security on Data Streamming for Smart City Applications
  • Spatial, Temporal, and Geographic Data Solutions
  • Application Scenarios and Real-world Deployments for Smart Cities
  • Smart City Governance
  • Internet of Things for Smart Cities
  • Cloud Computing and Network Infrastructure for Smart Cities
  • Social Computing and Networks for Smart Cities
  • Embedded Computing and Networks for Smart Cities
  • Big Data Storage, Processing and Transformation
  • User Interfaces and Data Visualization

Sobre o produtor


Instituto Federal de Edcação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Norte



Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
Av. Sen. Salgado Filho, 1559, Tirol
Natal, RN


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