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Finatec - Fundação de Empreendimentos Científicos e Tecnológicos - Brasília, DF
22 de outubro de 2019, 08h - 24 de outubro de 2019, 18h


(6731) Profissional - 1º lote 
R$ 500,00
em até 12x R$ 51,71
Inscrições até 30/09/2019
(6731) Alunos - 1º Lote 
R$ 100,00
em até 12x R$ 10,34
Inscrições até 30/09/2019
(6731) Profissional - 2º lote
R$ 600,00
em até 12x R$ 62,05
Inscrições até 18/10/2019
(6731) Alunos - 2º Lote
R$ 120,00
em até 12x R$ 12,41
Inscrições até 18/10/2019
R$ 0,00

Descrição do evento

SITRAER– Air Transportation Symposium – is an annual event organized by the Brazilian Air Transportation Research Society (SBTA). The SBTA is an independent society of scientific research, which aims to promote academic research and technical development of air transportation in Brazil and in Latin America. It was officially founded in December 2002, in São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil.

In 2019, the XVIII SITRAER will be held in the city of Brasilia, from October 22nd to 24th. This is the capital of Brazil, and its airport concentrate the largest hub of flights in Brazil. With these characteristics, the XVIII SITRAER will seek the necessary interchange among the academia, the entrepreneurial world, the service providers, and the regulation authorities, so as to promote dissemination and debates of great value for this activity sector so important for the economy and the citizens’ quality of life.

We invite the authors to submit papers which report researches related to Air Transportation, including the ones dedicated to models, to technological solutions, qualitative or quantitative analyses, bibliographical/literature reviews, and other approaches with scientific reasoning. Some of the topics of interest (not listed exhaustively) can be seen below:

Air Transportation Geopolitics
Demand and Supply
Relation with the Environment
Airway Planning
Urban Relationship of Airports
Air Traffic Management
Aeronautical Information Management
Traffic Flow Management
Systems Safety and Reliability
Systems Technology
Human Resources
Airport Infrastructure
Planning and Investment
Management and Operation
Airlines Regulation and Management
Public Policy, Regulation and Control
“Low-cost” Airlines
Human Resources

Important Information: 

The accepted papers will be published only if one of the authors pays the registration fee by 7th October 2019.

Sobre o organizador

Eventos Finatec


Finatec - Fundação de Empreendimentos Científicos e Tecnológicos
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro Av. L3 Norte, Ed. Finatec , Asa Norte
Brasília, DF

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