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Philosophy of Innovation Via The Art of Argumentation

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Philosophy of Innovation Via The Art of Argumentation

CRIA - Campus Rebouças de Inovação e Aceleração - Curitiba, PR
17 de outubro de 2019, 19h30-21h30


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Descrição do evento

Everyone is talking about "company culture must change", "innovation starts with people”, “mindsets must change”, “business processes must change”, but how? by whom? For what?

The central argument of this class is that Innovation does not happen without reflection and that philosophy has earned its vital place in the latest innovation debates.

For instance, Is it possible to innovate without changing your mind or behavior? Further, is it possible to change your “Mindset” without reflection? Why is UX so important not only to make money in the new industry but also to design experiences? What is up with “Soft Skills”? and why do we need them now more than ever before? What do they have to do with neuroplasticity?

Lastly, what does this all got to do with The Smart City

Short paragraphs of both modern and ancient texts will be used to enrich the discussions. Classes will be lively with student participation, guests and a practicum called The Battle of Wits: a debate between 2 opponents for the group to vote for Best Argument!

The class will be ongoing. Start is anytime for a minimum length of a month with the possibility of coming back whenever suited. All students will be individually interviewed for assessment. Fluency of the English language is required for this course. 

Course Objectives:

  1. To take your English level beyond advanced;
  2. To create a space for developing deep rational thinking practice via a highly demanding use of the English language, applicable to contemporary problems;
  3. To develop sophistication in The Art of Diplomatic Argumentation: The Battle of Wits
  4. To develop and acquire a practice of philosophical reflection for daily application;
  5. To pitch with knowledge and confidence in the English language;
  6. To Change your brain!   

Sobre o organizador

Rhoda Serafim

I work with Industry 4.0 for People - I'm an Innovation Ethics Counselor in various fronts.


CRIA - Campus Rebouças de Inovação e Aceleração
Rua Engenheiros Rebouças, 1255, Rebouças
Curitiba, PR

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