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Conversation Course

Co.W. Centro | Coworking - Joinville, SC
13 de setembro de 2019, 18h30 - 11 de outubro de 2019, 20h


Class 4 - Addiction
R$ 65,00
em até 12x R$ 6,53
Inscrições até 13/09/2019
Class 5 - Education
R$ 65,00
em até 12x R$ 6,53
Inscrições até 19/09/2019
Class 6 - Heroes
R$ 65,00
em até 12x R$ 6,53
Inscrições até 26/09/2019
Class 7 - Superstitions
R$ 65,00
em até 12x R$ 6,53
Inscrições até 10/10/2019

Descrição do evento

Have you finished your English Course and now you want to keep practicing?
Or have you learned the language by yourself and don't have much experience talking?

That's the course for you. Seven classes to talk in group and improve your speaking skills. Get ready for that exchange or trip you've always wanted to take or study for your oncoming proficience test. 

Here's what we're going to cover in the course:

- Useful language and expressions;
- Accurate pronunciation;
- Vocabulary acquisition;
- Comprehension practice;
- Advanced speaking practice.

The classes can be purchased individualy or in a seven class pack (10,5 hours). Check the schedule and the content of the classes:

  • 08/23 (Friday), at 6:30 pm: Class 1 - Consumerism
    Are you a sophaholic? Are your cunsumerist tendencies environmentaly friendly? In this class, we are going to discuss shopping habits and its consequences.

  • 08/30 (Friday), at 6:30 pm: Class 2 - Environment
    What climate change consequences are noticeable where you live? What actions should the government take in order to minimaze the outcomes of it? In this class, we are going to discuss results and solutions for environmental issues.

  • 09/06 (Friday), at 6:30 pm: Class 3 - Generations
    Are you a Millennial or a member of the Generation X? Perhaps a Babyboomer? How does the decade we were born in influence our personality and goals? In this class, we are going to discuss the differences between generations.

  • 09/13 (Friday), at 6:30 pm: Class 4 - Addiction
    What is the difference between addiction and a bad habit? One can only be addicted in drugs? What is the propper treatment for an addicte? In this class, we are going to discuss everything regarding addction: substances, consequences, treatment and so forth.

  • 09/20 (Friday), at 6:30 pm: Class 5 - Education
    What's the best: homeschooling or going to school? Are private institutions better than public ones? is the evaluation scheme appropriate to encourage students? In this class, we are going to discuss implications of education systems.

  • 09/27 (Friday), at 6:30 pm: Class 6: Heroes
    Are you fond of superheroes? What about heroes in real life? What act should a person take in order to be considered a hero and does that have the same dilemma regarding moral and justice? In this class, we are going to discuss heroic actions and heroes in ficction and reality.

  • *Attention: there is no class on 10/03.

  • 10/11 (Friday), at 6:30 pm: Class 7: Superstitions
    Do you  nock on wood when hear something unsettlign or avoid walking under ladders? Do you believe in horoscope, psychics or intuition? In this class, we are going to discuss origins and cultural aspects of superstitions.

Let's talk!

*In case of no-show, classes are non-refundable.

Sobre o produtor


Co.W. Centro | Coworking
Rua Lages, 544, Centro
Joinville, SC

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