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Cais do Sertão - Recife, PE
27 de abril de 2019, 14h15-17h30


Museum Tour 
R$ 35,00
em até 6x R$ 6,46
Vendas até 27/04/2019

Descrição do evento

Museums and art galleries are very often forgotten by the local citizens, which is sad because exhibitions are a super nice and fun way to learn about history and culture. When was the last time you visited a museum in your hometown - it doesn’t count when you took someone from out of town to visit, alright? And when did you have this experience in English from beginning to end?

How much fun can we have thinking about our own history in a foreign language? We think it can be a lot! That’s why you should join us and make it even more interesting!

In this tour, we will visit two museums in Recife Antigo: Cais do Sertão and Paço do Frevo. The first one was founded in April 2014. It is a museum that unites technology and the tradition to narrate the sertão and its characters, sounds, and images. The second one is a space of diffusion and research about one of the most famous rhythms from Pernambuco: Frevo! In this museum, we will learn about the history of frevo and its relationship to the city around us.

Why aren’t the museums tickets included in the price?

Because both Cais do Sertão and Paço do Frevo have different fares for different people. Here are the prices, so you can schedule your additional investment:

Cais do Sertão


  • Students and teachers from public schools;

  • Museums staff;

  • Tourist guides.


  • Elderly people (60+);

  • People with disabilities;

  • Students and teachers from private schools and universities.


  • All the others.

Paço do Frevo:


  • Students and teachers from public schools;

  • Museums staff and International Council of Museums members;

  • Tourist guides;

  • Members of carnival associations, frevo clubs, and dancers;

  • Paço do Frevo neighbours (need registering);

  • Students of: Arts, museology, architecture, pedagogy, audiovisual, music, design and fashion;

  • Civil and Military Police during shift;

  • Taxi drivers (need registering);

  • Public servers of Recife city hall.


  • Elderly people (60+);

  • People with disabilities;

  • Students and teachers from private schools and universities.


  • All the others.

For all free and half tickets, you should bring documents or reports that can prove your condition.

About the facilitator

Howdy! My name is Helô and I’ve been teaching English for a hundred years – not really, but it feels that way. I am a museologist, a teacher, a student and I am passionate about all of those things (and many many more).



About Cluster Project

The Cluster Project was developed by Anna Terra in partnership with Talent Language Solutions and aims to offer a unique experience for those who want to practice English while having fun, learning new things, and connecting with others that have similar interests. Let us know if you want to lead activity and keep being posted about other events like this, subscribe at

Punctuality: The event must start on time, please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier.

English only policy: We encourage you to speak English at all times during the experience and to not translate words you don't know. We are here to help you whenever you need, don't be afraid to ask! Our ENGLISH ONLY policy has been settled as a new way to add up knowledge in English!


Anna Terra | @terrinha

Talent Language Solutions | @talentlanguagesolutions

Sobre o produtor

Cluster Project


Cais do Sertão
Avenida Alfredo Lisboa, s/n, Recife Antigo
Recife, PE

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