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17 de fevereiro de 2019, 18h - 19 de fevereiro de 2019, 18h


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"I'm going to smoke a little of this and then, I'll rub you down." I said, lit the joint and took a big puff, watching her sit up and she reached for it. "Let me have a hit, Daddy, I really need it tonight!" she said with a little smile, but I could see through her and Lilly wasn't happy with me. She took three really big puffs, held the smoke in and rolled on her stomach, making sure her face was by my thigh and only inches from my cock. "I still think you should go hunting for a girl or woman and um...get that monster fixed or um...!" Lilly whispered with a grin, as the smoke escaped her lungs and I could feel her warm breath floating over my thighs. "I you, Daddy." Lilly purred and ran her right hand over my thigh. I handed her the joint and loved the way she smoked. Lilly took three big hits and got lots of smoke. "With the wine and your pill...and now this, you're going to pass out under my hands and leave me all alone." I said and remembered her passing out two months ago, after a big party and she was just as horny that night. She smiled, lifted off the shirt and tossed it on the floor. "Mmmm, if I pass could do dirty things to me, violate me too and um...I wouldn't even...know!" Lilly said with a wicked grin and a teasing wink. She lay down and closed her eyes. I put down the joint and reached for the massaging oil. "You ready sweet-heart?" I whispered in her ear and she only moaned. I popped open the oil and let it run all over her back, her hips and a big part of Lilly's juicy ass. I reached over and started on her shoulders. Gently rubbing my fingers over her flesh, helping her muscles, but I also wanted to make sure that Lilly stayed very horny and hopefully, awake. "I think that a deep, sensual, one of the most erotic things lovers can do for each other." I whispered, dribbled more oil on her back and rubbed around Lilly's shoulder blades. 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"Night, night...Daddy and I love you too." I smiled, patted her booty pics and went to my room. I didn't sleep much and visions of Cindy kept filling my mind. *. It was a hot summer day, some six years ago and Cindy was driving me crazy. I was sitting by our pool, trying to read a magazine, when my cell rang and it was my wife. "Hello." I said and wondered what she was up to now. booties "Lillian took off with some friends and um I was wondering if you...would like to um...cum with me? I'm sooo lonely...Daddy!" she purred in a low and very sexy voice. "I'm wearing the little white panty set that you like sooo much and...I'm all fuzzy inside...Daddy." Cindy purred with more lust than before and my cock jumped to full hardness. "I'm in your room, Daddy...waiting." She moaned and I heard a little giggle. I had to smile and quickly got up. "Yes, I'd love to play and I'll be right there!" I said running through the house and towards my room, for some hot asses action, with my wife and she was going to pretend to be our daughter. I walked in and she was lying across our bed, wearing a panty set that belonged to Lilly and my cock jumped. She saw it and giggled. "Oh Daddy, what would momma say if she saw that big ol' thing and how hard it is for me!" Cindy said with a low voice and pulled me on the bed with her. "Daddy, please...make love to me." She begged with a soft whisper and I mounted Cindy. My cock slid right on her pussy and I pulled the panties over. "Anything for my...Lilly." I moaned, eased forward and my cock slid deep into my wife, but I was thinking of Lilly and I grew more. I know Cindy felt just how hard I was and I'm sure she knew why, but she wanted to play this game and I gave in. "Oh my are sooo fuckin' hard, baby! Oh God, yes!" Cindy panted in my ear and wrapped her legs around my hips, locked her ankles and pulled me deeper. "Oh're so big and...and...hard! Oh Daddy, my Daddy!" Cindy moaned through her teeth and her insides were trying to milk my cock. I held her and kept my cock all the way up her pussy. "You are bad! Making me think of making love to Lilly and playing...this!" I grunted and pushed forward. "Oh yeah, your pussy is so good and so wet!" I moaned and leaned down to kiss my sexy wife. "I'm ready." I moaned into her mouth and she hugged me so tight picture butt naked. "Go Daddy, cum in me! Cum in your...Lilly!" Cindy cried out, my cock jumped and my hot cum shot straight up her hot latina ass. "Oh God, yes, yes, yes, yes!" she screamed, dug her long fingernails deep into my back and her warm pussy locked around me. "Baby, you're cuming so, so hard and...oh fuck!" she squealed as my long cock pumped her pussy full and I held her down. "It's for and my way to say...I love you!" I moaned and to tell you the truth, I was a blithering mess and had never came so hard in my life. I kissed Cindy and caressed her face. "You are so bad, but it was a blast and...thank you." I said and lightly kissed each of her eye lids. *. I jumped up and looked at the clock next to my bed. "Are you kidding me?" I laughed and could not believe I slept till after ten in the morning. I got up and went towards the kitchen. "Well, look at you! Finally got your lazy butt outa bed!" Lilly said with a laugh and walked to give me coffee. "Did you sleep good, handsome?" she asked, giving me a soft kiss and pressed her body to mine. "I sure as heck did, thanks to you!" she said wink a big grin and her face turned a warm shade of pink big butt pictures "I'm glad that I could help." I said back to her and sat at the breakfast bar, watching her in a tight pair of white stretch pants that hugged her nice ass nicely and a small, pink blouse. "I was out like a light, didn't get anything in return and that isn't fair to you. Don't say that you don't care'll be alright and I mean it!" she said as her eyes looked into mine and Lilly moved closer. "You're a man and you have needs." Lilly said as she moved between my legs and put her arms around my neck. "I'm a grown woman and after you finish rubbing my back tonight." She whispered in my ear and rubbed her hips against me. "I'm going to repay the favor and since you're still a little apprehensive about doing this." She whispered again and lightly kissed me, while reaching down and Lilly eased my stiffening cock from my shorts. "I'll let you pick your pleasure. Anything you want, just name it and don't tell me until tonight!" She smiled and went to the sink. I was in shock and my cock was so fucking hard, pointing right at my daughter and we wanted to fuck her, but that had to wait and I needed relief now. "Lilly, come here." I moaned and she came back to me. "Please make sure this is what you want and can live with." I said, grabbed her and gave her a deep kiss. She kissed me back and reached down to pull on my cock. "Daddy, he's sooo fuckin' big and hard! I can't wait to do more with him! And, yes, this is what I want!" Lilly said and went back to the sink. "I'm just making sure. I'd hate to lose my girl and have you hate me." She turned, cocked her hips to the left and started talking. "Daddy, I'd never do that and I've been in love with you since I turned into a young lady. I crave you and I want you Daddy! Nothing is going to stop that...ever!" she said and came back to me. "I'm ready Daddy and I'm on fire!" Lilly smiled and slipped her hands around my cock-shaft. "I want this in me and soon." She purred, kissed me and smiled. "Be ready tonight, Daddy!" *. Lilly had been hurting all day and tried to hide it from me, but I knew her to well and got her a pain pill right after dinner. "Take this and you relax. You've been doing too much today and now you're paying for it." 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"You're going to make me cum!" I laughed, reached to caress her face and I pulled her up. Lilly had a big frown and her lip was sticking out. "Daddy, why'd you stop me...I wanted to let" Lilly giggled and fell against me. "I'm...I'm...crap, I'm loaded, Daddy!" she giggled and looked at me. Her eyes were red, glassy and she could hardly kept them open. "Daddy, I'm all yours, do anything you...want!" Lilly whispered with a grin, kissed me, crawled to the middle of my bed and spread her thick legs. I watched and my cock was throbbing. I slid up her, lightly kissing her legs, up her thighs, over the front of her panties and Lilly cried out with a loud moan. I kissed over her tummy, teasing her belly button with my tongue and I slowly kissed under each of Lilly's breasts. I kissed all around her left breast, not going near her areolas or Lilly's nipples. Her back arched and she was dying for me to suck them, but I wanted her to wait and enjoy my plan. I kissed her pretty face, I kissed her eyes, her tiny nose and saved her sexy lips for last. "I'm so hard for my..." I whispered, reached between us and pulled her panties to the side. "Who are you...hard for? Tell me, tell me, Daddy!" Lilly cried as I rubbed my cock-head into her wet lips making sure everything was ready and I kissed her phat ass. I grabbed the back of her head with my right hand and my left one, grabbed her ass and I pushed. "My baby, I'm hard for Lilly!" I yelled and held her, enjoying her pussy locking around my cock-head and it's wonderful squeezing. "Oh mother feels like you have a...a...hand in there's pulling my...cock!" I grunted and Lilly was smiling, as her face twisted with a mix of pleasure and pure lust. She held my arms and our eyes remain looking at each other. "Ahhh Daddy, so big, you sooo big!" Lilly moaned and panted for air. "It's sooo big!" she moaned and slowly lifted and lowered her hips. "Mmmm Daddy, it's, so big!" Lilly moaned, as her hips started lifting more and she pushed to me. "Daddy's baby! Daddy's girl! My big, big girl now." I whispered and held her close. "My sexy girl." I moaned, pushed again and my stiff cock went deeper into her tight pussy. "Yeah baby, take it all and I'll cum soon! You want Daddy to cum in your sexy, little...cunt?" I moaned, pushed and I was completely in her. Her fingernails dug into my back and Lilly bit my neck, as my cock-head bumped the back of her pussy and the opening of her womb. "Daddy, I can't believe I'm taking it...all!" she moaned and I felt her pussy squeezing my cock. "Did momma take it all...her first...time?" Lilly moaned and kept her legs around my hips. "Huh Daddy? Tell me!" she cried and I had to move. I shifted my hips, spread her legs more and gave her a kiss. "Baby, I'm sorry if I hurt you alexis texas 3 way, but I need to get busy and wear your little cunt out!" I said, pushed Lilly back on my bed and I started hammering her young pussy. She was so wet and that wonderful sound filled my ears. A man and a woman, making love. Lilly whimpered as I used her tiny pussy so hard and so deep. I hadn't had a piece of ass in a long fucking time and Lilly told me that I could do anything I wanted. "Oh shit, baby! You are beautiful!" I moaned and held my baby as I pumped her pussy hard. She held me tight and her hot breath covered my neck. "My Daddy! My sexy Daddy is...fucking me!" Lilly whimpered, as we held each other and we moved as one. We did it and could never turn back now. Lillian and I were joined as lovers. I moved and pushed deep into my daughter, enjoying her warm, wet pussy squeezing and pulling on my cock. "Yes, I'm fucking my baby, my...daughter and're going to be my new woman!" I moaned and moved a little faster. "Oh Daddy, yes, yes!" she squealed out and thrust her big ass towards me. "Fuck your new woman! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, harder!" Lilly screamed and hugged me harder. "Come on, Daddy, fuck your new woman harder, harder!" she growled in my ear and I kept ramming into her body. I held Lilly and I fucked her harder than any other woman in my life. "Yeah, you horny bitch! You love it hard, like did! You whore!" I grunted and just fucked her harder. "I can't wait to fuck your big ass pics and cum in it!" I whispered in her ear and she moaned. "I know, right! That's all I've been thinking about...since last night and what you did to my butt!" Lilly giggled and kissed me. "I hope I can take it all, like momma did and let you fuck it good!" she moaned and I could feel her hip muscles tensing. I smiled and kissed her. "She told you a lot of things and now, you're using it!" I grunted and thrust up her pussy. "I want this ass and I want it soon!" I moaned, grabbed her cheeks and pushed up Lilly again. "Daddy, yes,'s...all...yours! Oh God, I'm...I'm ready! Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me!" she said in a low voice and I could have sworn she had been possessed or something. "Go Daddy, go Daddy! Go...Daddy, go my...lover!" Lillian yelled out, her pussy grabbed my cock and her legs jerked me to a dead stop. "Oh God, oh...oh...oh my fuckin' God!" she screamed, juices shot from between her legs and it sprayed my cock.

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